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Our Vision

To be the most trusted Vertical Transportation Company in Eastern Ontario by setting the highest standard of elevator service.

Our Mission

In a complex business, every interaction at Rideau Elevator Services Inc. begins with the needs of our clients in mind.  Our goal is to maintain your vertical transportation services in a seamless and transparent fashion, enabling you to stay focused on your business.

About Us

With over 50 years of experience moving people, Rideau Elevator Services Inc. prides itself on Professionalism, Responsiveness, and superior Customer Service for your vertical transportation needs. Our services include maintenance, installation, and modernization of commercial passenger & freight elevators. We also install & maintain a wide variety of Accessibility lifts.

Our Values



At Rideau Elevator Safety is at the forefront of everything we do from the moment we set foot in your building or construction site.


The staff at Rideau Elevator are accountable to our clients and each other in a way that fosters trust and a long-term vision of service.


Our staff acts with 100% transparency while at your property or construction site.  Maintenance logs, service documentation, invoicing and inspection sheets are complete and accurate every time.


Integrity is essential in fulfilling our long-term vision. Our relationships with clients, suppliers & employees are based on the consistency of doing the right thing for the long term.

New Projects and Modernization

Rideau Elevator installs and modernizes elevators for commercial and residential applications. Our units are customized to your requirements, ranging from basic to luxurious depending on your needs. Rideau Elevators are installed to meet the safety code applicable at the time of installation and are of non-proprietary nature. Our projects come complete with custom long-term maintenance agreements, ensuring a maximum life span and minimal service disruptions for the complete lifecycle of your equipment.
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Rideau Elevator has at its disposal, various industry certified suppliers of Stairlifts, Vertical platform lifts, Inclined platform lifts, home elevators, wheelchair lifts, and LULA (limited use/limited accessibility) units.  These units can be installed in homes, churches, arenas, libraries, and office buildings.
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Maintenance Advantage Program™

This premium maintenance program includes monthly preventative maintenance, industry mandated safety testing, and custom maintenance hours to minimize the impact of our presence in your building. The Maintenance Advantage Program™ is created with the long-term life cycle of the existing building & equipment in mind. Under the program additional maintenance tasks can be implemented, and system upgrades are taken into consideration as building safety systems investments.
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Predictive Maintenance +™

The Predictive Maintenance +™ program allows you to experience all the benefits associated with being a Rideau Elevator Customer, with an industry standard visitation schedule and safety testing that is specific to your equipment.
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Economy Coverage Plan™

In certain instances, your needs may require a maintenance contract that covers visitation only. These contracts are minimal in cost & coverage, and available upon request.
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System Upgrades and Safety Testing

Existing elevator systems can in some cases be improved by upgrading certain components. Where reliability becomes an issue because of age, system upgrades will improve performance and reduce unscheduled service calls. Additionally, the governing authorities often mandate safety testing that may not be included under your existing contract. Rideau Elevator Services Inc. is available for consultation regarding these additional costs, ensuring you have the information you need to make an informed decision.
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The Capsule™

Welcome to a visibly transparent, stylish and cost competitive way to get up and down in your home. The Capsule™ by Rideau Elevator can be installed in two days or less, providing immediate accessibility benefits for those who need it, and those who simply want the convenience and increased home value of having a personal residential elevator.
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